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Cesar Egas

Cesar Egas, from Peruvian and Chinese parents, spent his childhood growing up in Peru and then moved to Oklahoma to finish his senior year of high school at Edmond North. Since childhood, Cesar has been an active person. He has been involved in different sports since a young age which taught him the values of team work, discipline, and goal orientation. A natural born leader, he will always take on the role of team captain.

In 2014, Cesar decided to take on a new challenge and do a 180˚ change on his career path. He started from scratch and began working in construction so he could learn all of the different trades that were required to renovate a property. Around that time, he also started to gain interest in real estate and took the initiative to educate himself about real estate, real estate investment, strategies, and property management. In 2016, he started his own general contractor company. He has renovated over a hundred units for different investors and has even taken on major renovations with a budget of over a hundred thousand dollars. His passion for real estate and empathy to help others motivated him to obtain his real estate license. Cesar is now a bilingual Realtor®, general contractor, project manager, and real estate investor.

Cesar lives in Northwest Central Oklahoma City with his wife, Miranda, and their dog, Flash. To this day, he still remains active by playing soccer, training in martial arts, and is one of the most advanced Salsa dancers and instructors in Oklahoma. He is always on the prowl for the next investment project! He enjoys renovating homes and guiding others through the real estate investment process. Cesar will always take on new challenges and will never give up until he reaches his goals!

Hola, me llamo Cesar Egas. Como inmigrante que soy se lo difícil que es vivir en un país que no es el nuestro, y por eso, siempre estoy dispuesto a ayudar a la comunidad latina en salir adelante, y que mejor forma de hacerlo que ayudándote con algo tan importante que es la compra de tu siguiente propiedad. Con mi experiencia siendo contratista, inversionista y Realtor bilingue, yo puedo ayudarte a obtener tu siguiente hogar e inversión.


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