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Services to Investors

As a full service residential real estate company, we provide top tier property management services. Here's what we do to stand out:

  • Professional Photos
    In today's world, potential renters begin searching third-party websites for their next home as soon as months in advance. Just as we do for our "for sale" listings, we pay for professional grade photos to best showcase your home to the internet and therefore, the world! We believe that every listing deserves professional photos, regardless of whether it's for sale or for lease.

  • Online Portal & Electronic Payments
    In order to keep the most accurate books possible and streamline the rental process for both Owners and Tenants, we provide an online payment portal for Tenants and electronic direct deposits for Owners. Tenants can view their lease, pay rent, and file maintenance requests all online, 24/7. As an owner, you can pull reports of your choosing, view your lease, management agreement, invoices, and more any time you'd like.

  • Competitive Management Fees
    We offer competitive management fees and special discounts for investors with multiple properties in their portfolio. With an upfront structure and limited petty fees, we keep everything as transparent and straight forward for you as possible.

  • Worry-Free Management
    Managing your own property can be stressful. Keeping up to date with the law, required accounting for security deposits, taking late night trouble-shooting phone calls from tenants, showing the home and negotiating lease terms, dealing with "friends" who rent your home and having the awkwardness of enforcing lease terms...we are happy to be that mediator for you. We keep the distance between you and your tenants for you, we play the "bad guy" for you, we take late night emergency maintenance calls and coordinate repairs for you. We help protect your assets and your best interests so that you can rest easy.

  • Thorough Background Checks
    We do a comprehensive background check and application with every prospective tenant screening for foreclosures, bankruptcy, evictions, criminal record, credit report, social security number verification, terrorist watch list, and more. We want to reduce your liability by utilizing our services. When we take on your property, we take on some of that liability as well and it's important to us to know exactly who is living in your property and that they're going to be law-abiding and decent tenants.

  • Our Contacts
    We have a great network of contractors, vendors, and more. We don’t up-charge! If you want to update your home in-between tenants or an unforeseen repair comes up, we are more than glad to utilize your preferred contacts or use our own. We highly recommend and keep a calendar of regular maintenance that should be done to keep your home in tip-top shape, maintaining a happy relationship with the tenant and keeping emergency repair costs down.

  • Multiple Listing Service Entry
    As members of the Oklahoma City Metropolitan Association of Realtors®, your home will be input into the database that local Realtors® and their clients use. While Oklahoma City doesn't have the most rental-friendly market in terms of Realtors® working to represent renters, there are still some that are moving from out of state that supplement their own search with the help of a Realtor®. Additionally, we have allowed our local MLS to send all our listings out to third-party syndicates.

  • Aggressive Online Advertising
    Each and every listing is input to a multitude of online listing websites including the familiar, Zillow, Trulia, and more, complete with photos and tactfully written listing descriptions highlighting the key features of your home to help it stand out.

  • Extensive Networking
    Our team spends time, money, and energy on networking with local businesses, individuals, and charities. We use the genuine relationships that we've built to showcase your home to others through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and more.

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