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When you think of a Realtor®, what do you envision? Do you see an older guy in a blazer and tie with slicked back hair and a Bluetooth headset? Or do you see a lady in a pantsuit with a name tag and a clip board? 

Spaces was born to kick that stigma. Spaces was born to provide our friends, family, and community with a real estate customer service experience that goes above and beyond. Spaces was born of authenticity and integrity.

When the founders of Spaces, Justine and Anya, first became Realtors®, they felt they didn't fit the status quo.  Rather than change who they are to fit the boring industry standard, they decided to break the mold and just be themselves. Why compromise to fit a standard that most people can't relate to anyway?

They dreamed of a world where the client/Realtor® partnership came naturally. Where clients felt comfortable and their desires were always heard. Where the Realtor® was relatable, genuine, and trustworthy; not focused on a commission check. Why was this not the status quo?

Our hand-picked team of Realtors® is dedicated wholly to ensuring you have the best customer service experience possible during (and after!) your real estate transaction. Each of our team members adheres to this vision and makes the following promises to you:

  • We promise to tell you the truth. Whether you are listing your home or considering purchasing a home, we will always give you our honest opinions when you ask for them as Fair Housing allows.

  • We promise to respect your privacy. During the transaction, we may learn a lot about you such as your personal motivating factors and your finances. This information is confidential and we won't disclose it to anyone nor use it to our advantage.

  • We promise to represent you and your needs. It's our duty. That's what we get paid to do. Tell us what you expect and what you need and we will do everything we can to represent your interest fully in each and every transaction. Let us be your advocate!

  • We promise to provide you with all the information. We understand that you rely on us as a resource and a guide. We will always provide you with the best information possible in order to help you make the best decisions. Comparative sales? We got 'em! School district info? We've got that, too!

  • We promise to effectively communicate. Whether you like a phone call, a text, or an email, we will communicate every step of the way and keep you informed of your showings, feedback, and transaction updates. In a technology driven world, we will utilize user-friendly tech solutions like digital signatures (sign a contract on your phone!) and showing schedule apps for those who feel comfortable with them.

  • We promise to explain anything you have questions about. Not everyone is a first time buyer but it may have been decades since you last sold or bought a home. We will be signing all kinds of legal documents throughout your transaction and it's our job to know what you're signing, explain it to you thoroughly, and make sure you understand and feel comfortable.

  • We promise to show you any available properties in your price range. While it may happen that we have a listing that suits what you're looking for, we will never steer you toward our listings and will show you any and all homes available in the Greater Oklahoma City Metro.

  • We promise to never up-sell you. In a world that is constantly trying to sell things, we personally know what it feels like to be pushed into making a decision that may not be appropriate. We will always keep your personal budget in mind, not your total pre-approval amount or coerce you into a bigger home than you can afford just for a bigger check.

  • We promise to be available. Our team is just that - a team. Even if your Realtor® goes out of town, our team will do our best to be available at times that fit your schedule and we will always attend home inspections.

If at any time, you feel that these promises are not being upheld, bring it to our attention by using the form below. We will do what it takes to correct the behavior and maintain a healthy client/Realtor® relationship with you.

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